Council Profiles


National President: David Robins
National  Vice-President: Ivor Sindler
National Chairman: Alvin Kushner

Barney Sank, Isaac Kopman, Russell Sher, Meg van der Merwe
Moshe Leibowitz, Harold Heneck, Rabbi Richard Newman

Chairman’s Annual Report

Since the last issue of Ha Yam we have mourned the passing of our Honorary President, David Susman. Besides being a man of stature in business he had also been a keen angler who in his earlier years had enjoyed much of his spare time at sea, mostly aboard his fishing boat “Shaka”.
When Mr Susman had made the announcement on his 80th birthday that he would be resigning from all directorships we felt most honoured when he assured us that he would not resign from the position of Honorary President of the JML, a position that he held for over 30 years. The members of the Jewish Maritime League have always been proud to be associated with David Susman and were deeply saddened by his passing.

David Robbins is our newly elected Honorary President. He will soon be formally inaugurated and will be only the fourth person to have been honoured to serve in this role since the founding of the Jewish Maritime League 73 years ago. We extend a hearty welcome to David who, besides being a Deputy Chairman of a well known public company, also devotes time to serving on the board of Directors of the NSRI. We appreciate your active participation in our meetings and look forward to a long, productive relationship with you.

During the past year JML continued to contribute towards study bursaries both locally and abroad including making funding available to those who wished to study at the Nautical College in Akko in Israel.

Local youth were assisted in sail training as well as participating in events local as well as overseas. Those who wished to advance their sail training received funding on merit for training for their skipper certificates.

Unpredicted events in the Middle East have resulted us have taking the decision to be on this side of caution and deferring programs such as our successful “Sailing Together” program that involved participation with Jewish and Arab Israeli youth. However, we are certainly not closing the door to this winning event and are planning to resume not only the best of our past projects but will be looking at many new ventures during 2011/2012.

This year the JML continued to subsidise the three yachts, JML 1, JML 2 and JML 3 . All are 26ft yachts that are operated by participating yacht clubs and are diligently used for youth training. JML also made it possible for some deserving young sailors to participate as crew of the yacht, JML Rotary Scout in their Governor’s Cup race to St Helena.

I wish to once again record my sincere thanks to Ivor Sindler, our Honorary Vice-President and past Chairman whom we can always depend on for sound guidance and administrative assistance.

Barney Sank has once again gracefully hosted all our Council meetings this year. We have always valued Barney’s business acumen and have appreciated his input at our meetings.
Russell Sher, our Sailing Chairman, has been entrenched in youth sail training this year. Russell is an official SA Sailing examiner and recognised sailing instructor and reports to our Council on any relevant sailing activity.  Thanks Russell.

Isaac Kopman is the most active yachtsman on our council spending about 5 months a year aboard his yacht in Turkey. We always look forward to having his enthusiastic participation when he’s home in SA. Thank you, Isaac.

Thank you Rabbi Richard Newman for your positivity, wisdom and enthusiasm that you instil in our council meetings. Until recently Rabbi Richard was the only member of our Council with zero sailing experience. That has been remedied.

Moshe Leibovitz, a keen hands-on yachtsman has shown a passionate involvement in youth sailing. Moshe, your input is greatly appreciated.

Harold Heneck, a well known retired Cape Town businessman and keen yachtsman has given us the benefit of his business acumen and has kept us on our toes occasionally spicing up our meetings with a challenging line of questioning. Thank you Harold.

Alan Montlake, who resides in Israel has been a longstanding JML Council member. Alan has taken the decision for health reasons to stand down from the JML Council. I thank you on behalf of the Council for the many years of orginisation and participation in the JML projects in Israel.

Meg Vandermerwe is our newest and youngest member of our council. Between lecturing at UWC she enjoys sailing and is becoming an active participant at our Council meetings.

We welcome Bertie Phillips back to the JML Council. Bertie was the inspiration behind many successful JML events in the past.

Adele Sindler, our secretary. What can I say? A big thank you to you Adele! We all appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping the JML on the go.
Alvin Kushner
National Chairman
SA Jewish Maritime League