Israeli Navy Submarine – INS DAKAR – Rabbi Lt. Richard Newman

Over 40 years ago, on January 9, 1968, the Israeli Navy’s INS Dakar submarine departed from England headed to the port of Haifa. There were 69 crewmen on the submarine who died when she was lost at sea a few days after departing Europe. On January 25 1968, two minutes after midnight, the INS Dakar transmitted her last communication. From that moment on, no further signals were received. Two months later, the Defense Minister Moshe Dayan announced that all the submarine’s crewmen were to be classified as fallen soldiers.  Thirteen months after the submarine was lost, an Arab fisherman found the submarine’s stern emergency buoy marker washed up on the coast of Khan Yunis. This discovery gave hope to Israeli forces that they could find the INS Dakar, and search expeditions continued. However, it was not until 1999 that a search team detected the submarine’s remains between Crete and Haifa. Since then, every year the Israeli Navy holds a memorial ceremony for the fallen seamen of the INS Dakar Submarine.


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