Waste Not!! – The Plastiki

The Plastiki, a catamaran made out of 12 500 recycled plastic bottles, sailed into Sydney Harbour on 26 July 2010, four months after leaving San Francisco on a journey across the Pacific Ocean meant to raise awareness about the perils of plastic waste. The crew of the Plastiki, a 60 ft Catamaran that weathered fierce ocean storms during its 8 000 nautical miles at sea, left San Francisco on March 20 2010, stopping at various South Pacific island nations including Kiribati and Samoa. The Plastiki is a culmination of 4 years’ planning. Skippered by environmentalist David de Rothschild – a descendant of the well-known British banking family was finally towed to the Australian National Maritime Museum. “We hope that Sydneysiders will turn out in force to help celebrate the Plastiki’s arrival “ , De Rothschild said. The six member crew lived in a cabin of just 6×4.5m., took saltwater showers and survived on dehydrated and canned food, supplemented with the occasional vegetable from their small on-board garden. The boat is fully recyclable, and is powered in part by solar panels and windmills. The Plastiki’s name is a play on the 1947 Kon – Tiki raft sailed across the Pacific by explorer Thor Heyerdahl. The crew briefly stopped in Queensland state after battling a brutal storm off the Australian coast. De Rothschild said the idea for the journey came to him after he read a UN report that said pollution, particularly plastic waste, was seriously threatening the world’s oceans.